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Article Can I prepay for an additional monthly data transfer/bandwidth?
No. If you need more monthly data transfer, you need to upgrade your account. If you need extra...
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Article Can I use my domain name or must I use my IP address as the hostname for FTP?
Using your IP address ( is an example IP address) is the preferred entry for your...
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Article Do you allow MP3 files? Do you allow streaming of videos?
Big NO! Absolutely no video streaming.
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Article Do you offer unlimited bandwidth?
No, it is not possible to offer unlimited bandwidth at all. That would be lying to our customers....
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Article Do you support international domains?
Yes, but in most cases you need to handle the domain registration process by yourself. We cannot...
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Article How can I calculate how much bandwidth I need for my site?
Here is a formula to calculate an estimate on the amount of bandwidth you will need: Total...
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Article How can I upgrade my hosting package?
Go to Host Billing Co. client area login: http://hostbillingco.com/clientarea.php - Click "My...
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Article How Do I access my website control panel?
Please goto http:www.XYZ.com:2082 XYZ = your site name  or check Tutorials section.
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Article How do I upload my site?
The main method of uploading files to your site's account is by using FTP. When you sign up the...
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Article How much is 100 Megabytes of space?
With 100 Megabytes (100 MB), you can store about 10000 average-sized pages of text or about 200...
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Article How much space and bandwidth will I need?
For a small site with not so much traffic, not so much. Your needs in this case can be met with...
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Article How soon will my account be activated?
Your paid hosting account will be activated instantly.  And for FREE hosting may require...
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Article I already have a domain can I use it with your hosting? what are the steps?
Yes, if you already have a domain you can use it with our hosting plans. The first step is going...
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Article I am currently hosted with another hosting company and would like to switch over to Host Billing Co. How do I do this?
Just enter a pre-sales FAQ and we will take care of everything. We will transfer your domain name...
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Article If I buy a hosting plan now can I upgrade when my website grows? Is there any charge?
Yes, you can upgrade at any point. Just submit a ticket at support. Host Billing Co. write which...
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Article What is colocation hosting?
Colocating the server gives you the greatest flexibility. You get to choose the hardware...
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Article What is dedicate hosting?
The hosting company provides you a server, rack space for the server, back up power, Internet...
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Article What is log file?
Log files are files that contain information on site traffic and visitors. It is a log of how...
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Article What is Operating System in web hosting?
The most common server operating systems are UNIX (and all variations), Linux, Windows NT and...
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Article What is Site Statistics?
Web site statistics are important for any website. It allows you to see the effectiveness of your...
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Article What is the advantage of shared hosting?
Shared hosting is an economical and flexible Web solution. It is a quick, secure and reliable...
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Article What is virtual hosting/ Shared web hosting/ domain Hosting?
Virtual Hosting /Domain Hosting /Shared Hosting generally known as 'Web Hosting' is the most...
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Article What is web based control panel in web hosting?
A Web Based Control Panel is a very nice feature to have in administering and customising your...
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Article What is web hosting?
Web hosting refers to the process of publishing a web site so that it is available to the world...
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Article What Name Servers Should I use?
You will receive the nameservers in the order email. Or contact us.
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Article Which brand of control panel do you use? Can I see a demo?
We use cPanel : http://www.cpanel.net/products/cPanelandWHM/linux/try_cp_whm.htm
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Article Which web publishing programs do you recommend, and why?
We recommend that you find a web publishing program that is easy for you to learn and use and...
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Article Why can't I find my web site in the search engines?
Once your site has been submitted to the top Search Engines they may require several weeks, or...
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Article Will I have forced advertising on my site like I do on Geocities, etc.?
None of our paid web hosting plan force any kinds of ads on your site. In fact, you can put your...
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