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Article An overview of POP3 service.
The ability to provide e-mail services to clients includes two critical functions: SMTP and POP3....
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Article Can an e-mail auto responder also be an e-mail forwarder and a POP3 e-mail account?
Yes. You can have a particular e-mail address setup to be an e-mail auto-responder, an e-mail...
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Article Can I send out unsolicited e-mail?
Absolutely not. Sending out unsolicited e-mail from your reseller account is a direct violation...
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Article Can you forward all my e-mail to a separate e-mail address?
Yes, we can forward all your e-mail to anywhere you desire. There is no additional charge for...
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Article I have a mailing list, how much e-mail can I send out?
You can send out up to 50 e-mails per hour. We find it necessary to implement this limit to...
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Article What are the classification of e-mails?
The e-mail services are of two types 1. Account based,2. Non -account based.Based on the...
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Article What is a POP Mail account?
A POP3 e-mail account is a special kind of e-mail account that comes with a login and password....
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Article What is a SPAM?
Spam is unsolicited bulk or commercial e-mail. Spam usually results from a company or entity...
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Article What is a Web Mail?
Web mail alias web based e-mail services enable you to access your e-mail via web browser. For...
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Article What is an e-mail alias?
An e-mail alias allow you to create multiple e-mail addresses for a domain. e.g....
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Article What is an e-mail autoresponder?
The e-mail autoresponder services send an automatic feedback to the sender. You can configure an...
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Article What is an e-mail forwarder?
E-mail forwarders allow you to forward e-mail messages from one e-mail address to another...
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Article What is meant by Mailing List?
Mailing lists are a powerful form of communicating with your visitors. Mailing lists are...
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Article What is the difference between an e-mail forwarder and an e-mail auto responder?
An e-mail forwarder is a special type of e-mail account which simply forwards all e-mail sent to...
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Article What is the difference between POP3 and Forwarding?
POP3 accounts will store your e-mail on our mail server. You will then be able to configure your...
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